Tom walked along the street alone. 湯姆獨自沿著街道走瞭

We were driving along Follyfoot Road. 我們沿著福萊福特路行駛

She glanced anxiously along the line of faces. 她焦急地掃視著這一排面孔

He slid his hand along her arm. 他的手順著她的臂膀滑下



The palm trees along the shore swayed in the wind. 沿岸的棕櫚樹在風中搖曳

the toolbar along the top of your screen 屏幕最上方的工具欄

There were cheering crowds all along Pennsylvania Avenue. 賓夕法尼亞大道一路上都是歡呼的人群


Hugo’s house was about two hundred yards away along the main street. 雨果傢在沿大街過去約兩百碼地方

The bathroom is just along the corridor. 浴室就在走廊邊上


get along 與…和睦相處;進展;(使)前進 | They get along quite well. 他們倆處得很好

along the way/line 在…過程中 | I’ve been lucky, but I’ve had my share of heartbreak along the way. 我很幸運,但這一路走來也有過心碎的經歷

along with


A bill came along with the package. 清單與包裹一並到達

She wants to come along with us to the movie. 她想跟我們一起去看電影

I was chosen, along with twelve other artists. 我和其他12位藝術傢一起被選中

go along with 贊同;陪…一起去 | l’ll go along with you on this one. 在這一點上我同意你看法



A car drew up alongside. 一輛車在旁邊停瞭下來

Their car ran alongside ours. 他們的汽車與我們的並排行駛

Children’s prices are shown alongside adult prices. 兒童票價標在成人票價旁邊



Charles spent a week working alongside the miners. 查爾斯花瞭一周時間與礦工一起幹活

Organized crime continued to flourish alongside the mainstream economy. 隨著主流經濟的發展,集團犯罪越來越猖獗


His achievement may seem small alongside the great triumphs of 20th-century technology. 與20世紀科技的偉大成就相比,他的成績或許會顯得渺小

Athletics should rank alongside soccer and cricket as a major sport. 田徑運動應該和足球、板球一樣,被列為主要體育項目


fall in alongside 參加正在進行的人 | As I was going to the shops, this man fell in alongside me, trying to make conversation. 我在去商店的路上,這個男人過來和我一起走,想和我搭話

alongside with 與 … 一起 | When you were here alongside with me, my heart wasn't on you. 你在的時候,我的心不在你身上

come alongside 傍靠,靠過來,並排 | Come alongside the starboard side, please. 請向右舷靠過來